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“My 3 year old twins have experienced great improvements in their fine motor skills since working with Maya.  Maya is incredibly good at providing updates on what is being taught as well as how the children are progressing in their skills.  This allows me to continue their development by working with them on the days that she is not there.  Both of my children get so excited to see Maya and fight over who is going to work with her first.  Maya is a solid OT and I highly recommend her.” -Parent of 3 year old twins that attend Chabad Israel Aleph Bet Preschool


“I am the parent of a four year old child who has seen Maya for a year. My son has made tremendous progress thus far. I am greatly touched by the attention he received from Maya, who took the time to learn his strengths and weaknesses. Maya has custom made each session according to his level and pushes him to more forward. She has paved the way for my son to reach his potential and will continue to help him function at the level he is suppose to be at. Maya is very knowledgeable in her field and has always taken the time to include me in my son's learning.”- Parent of a 4 year old boy that attends Dawning Village Day Care Center


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