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Individualized occupational therapy informal screenings, formal evaluations and treatment sessions are offered.  Services can be provided at the child's home, daycare center or school.


Small group sessions working on handwriting, fine motor skills using arts and crafts, yoga and socialization can be arranged. 


Environmental modifications consultation at home and/or school and sensory diet plan are available to those with sensory processing difficulties.


Kindergarten readiness program specifically designed to enhance skills needed for entering school. 


Occupational therapy treatment sessions focus upon the following areas:


  • fine motor skills

  • visual perceptual and visual motor skills

  • handwriting

  • bilateral hand coordination

  • sensory processing and integration

  • attention and organization

  • motor coordination, planning and sequencing

  • body awareness and body spatial awareness

  • overall strengthening of core, upper extremities and hands

  • activities of daily living including dressing skills and feeding

  • socialization skills


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